Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Lake Oswego Plein Air Show

The Lake Oswego Paint Out folks graciously allowed me to show in the show. You'll notice almost half is missing from the original drawing I posted. That's a compromise I had to make to have something ready in time to hang in the show thanks to the nagging sciatica I was experiencing. Understandably I can't be part of the competition because I had to work outside the allotted time frame for the event. This was the best I could do under the circumstances. Even still I am grateful to have gotten this far on the piece and still be in the show.

The show will be up through August 3rd. Stop by to check it out: 510 1st Street, Lake Oswego.

PS - Apparently realism is not in vogue these days. I am the only one who worked in this style.  

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