Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Lavender Valley

I signed up to participate in the Lavender Festival PaintOut months ago... long before this flare up of sciatica so I'm doing my best to work around my physical issues.  Fortunately we have weeks to work, not just days.  

As I began working on this I kept looking at the mountain. Wow.  I had to keep reminding myself the focus was supposed to be the lavender but who could resist this view?  Once I got the basics sketched on my paper I sat there wondering how in the world does one paint the delicate lavender in a convincing manner.  It didn't help the sun was moving the shadows as I worked. I decided the point was to make a reasonable facsimile of what I saw. I had no idea purple and green play so well together.  

#lavender, #LavenderValley, #HoodRiver, #MtHood, #LavenderFestival

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