Saturday, January 11, 2020

The ink dilemma

The cabinet at Oblation Papers and Press is filled beautiful glass bottles. Different shapes and sizes with drop dead beautiful colors of ink inside. Can I say they were delicious? They absolutely were. I was actually there to buy just one but I couldn't bring myself to decide between the two inks I had narrowed my choice down to (one from France, one from Japan). Both were BEAUTIFUL. Had I won the lottery (that I keep forgetting to even buy a ticket for) I would literally buy one of each all the beautiful inks in the cabinet. Since that's not the case, I was waffling over which one to take home today. Ric said buy both. Not being an impulsive type person I had to pause to think about it so I asked the clerk to hold the two bottles behind the counter so I could look around the store since I still had 40 minutes on the parking meter. That should be adequate time for me to weigh the pros and cons of buying both. But I know myself, I would have tortured myself later over being utterly ridiculous for not just buying both, saving myself a future annoying drive in to Portland with next to impossible parking for one bottle of ink of all things. I can't begin to count how many times I've repeated this pattern. 

I did something different today. 
 I bought both.

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