Thursday, May 24, 2018

Holland American Flower Garden

There are two schools of thought in watercolor. One is to create the artists impression of the scene. The other is to share what the artist sees. The reason I choose to paint in realism is not only am I sharing the beautiful field we were given access to paint in, I'm also recording for me that day, that time and that place. I'm not competing with a camera. Every time I look at this I will remember that experience in detail. In this painting are the elements of composition, negative and positive spaces, the play of light and shadow contrasts, the angle of the sun, the opposite and complimentary color combinations that occur in real life. 

Sennelier watercolors on Arches cold press paper. I made myself a watercolor block out of a pad (way cheaper to buy this way) so it's super portable and I don't have to fuss with taping. Easier to work with out in the field.