Tuesday, November 27, 2018

2nd in the series

Technically speaking it's probably the 100th pine cone I've drawn but for this particular series it's the second.  Because I pick them up on the ground I'm never for sure which tree they came from but this one I believe is from a lodge pole pine.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

I miss her.

My aunt was 94 years old. I would take her out for a late breakfast at her favorite restaurant when I went to visit. I knew the same questions would be asked over and over because she could no longer remember she had just asked those same questions. But that was ok. These were the condiments on the table while we waited for her customary half a belgian waffle with two pieces of bacon and hot tea. Funny how just a glance at these drawings remind me of her. This is why I enjoy sketching. It's hard to describe how it becomes kind of like a time capsule in a drawing. From two different days. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

In the beginning...

This piece was my introduction to colored pencils 28 years ago. I always chuckle to myself when I'm asked if I'm self taught. The answer is an ambiguous no... and yes. I have a four year degree in art but colored pencil was not taught in higher education because it's a newer medium so not traditional. More often than not it's not considered a serious medium although it can be an archival quality piece if the artist takes the time to use artist quality paper and pencils. I learned a lot working on this piece and in the time in-between then and now. This drawing won three Best in Shows and was retired to my own personal collection.

"Thoughts of Home"
16" x 20"

I rarely work in just colored pencil anymore because of the time intensive nature of the medium.  I sure love it but no one wants to pay for the time it takes to make artwork with a sharpened tip of a pencil.  These days you are more likely to find me painting in watercolor.  It's still all about detail for me. That's just my thing.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Get the set of St Helens postcards for $15 on Small Business Saturday (November 24th) - plus a bonus card

Get the set plus a bonus card for $15 on Small Business Saturday on November 24th at the Meriwether Event Center (across from Lewis and Clark Elementary). Normally $3 each.  

Update:  I've discovered by way of listening to folks walking by my booth - I forgot to put out there that these images are from my watercolors I began earlier this year.  Because I work in realism they are easily mistaken for being photographs.  Each one is a painting that took hours working on site.  

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Thursday, November 8, 2018

A new print is available: Union Station: Los Angeles

Watching reruns of the old Perry Mason series I remember the seats in the lobby of Union Station where the drama unfolded. They are still there in the depot so I took advantage of the opportunity to sit in one and take in the area so often captured in the series. I noticed the covers on things like electrical panels were uniquely designed to complement the art deco decor of the station while obscuring what it was it was covering. They could have gone the easy route and put up a utilitarian metal grid as is often done in modern day design. I'm glad they didn't.