Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Union Station - Los Angeles

My nemesis when I start a new journal is the first page. What is it about a book of blank pages that is so intimidating? I don't know. My work around on the last journal was to skip the first page and begin working on the second. It worked and now that I am approaching the end of the available pages in that journal, the first page is still blank. It's silly, I know. I bought this smaller 4" x 4" journal to be more portable while travelling. I bit the bullet and here's the first page so the journal is properly initiated. It's a watercolor of some of the metal work I saw in the old part of Union Station in Los Angeles. They fashioned these intriguing metal gates to protect things like electrical panels that needed to be accessible but they wanted to obscure. They are like utilitarian works of art. 

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