Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sun Worshipers

Isn't it fun how the sun lights up these tulips? This one has taken quite a bit of time because I decided to go larger for the impact it would have and oh my gosh, I didn't realize how challenging it was to draw something so cheerful every day (and I'm normally an upbeat person!).
12" x 18"
Colored pencil and watercolor

I am careful to use only archival quality pigments and materials.  It has been mounted on a 1-1/2" cradled birch wood panel. I opted to seal the panel with black enamel.  The contrast looks stunning!  The drawing was mounted using archival quality glue and sealed with archival quality sealant.  I attached hanging hardware to the back of the finished piece so it's ready to hang.  No additional framing is needed.  This piece will last hundreds of years with proper care and keeping. 

Many thanks to the Holland-America Tulip Farm in Richland, Washington who welcome artists to come photograph, paint and in my case draw their blooms each spring without any charge.  You should see the ribbons of color in their fields!  What a tremendous inspiration. 

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