Saturday, January 23, 2021

The Timberline Lodge mailbox


I am excited to announce another Timberline goodie available!

I woke up early one of the mornings I was staying at Timberline Lodge and went out to draw. If you look the mail boxes up at Timberline they will often show the exquisite brass boxes located by the current giftshop. Rarely does anyone notice the hand carved mailbox created in 1937 to collect outbound mail with what appears to be the original lock (if not, it's close). The door is fashioned out of recycled pounded steel.  

Timberline used to have their own post office so the stamps would be cancelled with a Timberline stamp. Now all the mail is cancelled Government Camp but you can leave mail in this box while you are at the lodge and it is still collected every day. 

There is an annual tradition where folks come to the lodge and send their holiday cards from there. Each year we see families working together to address and mail their cards from this historic spot. It's a generational tradition.

Click here to purchase on Etsy. You  can print it out and color it or you can put it in a frame as is.  

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