Monday, October 26, 2020

Back to work

Picking up where I left off to work for a couple of months for the Census which turned in to eight months.

First thing, I got a new card into production. Watch for the reveal in two weeks. It's an existing image presented in a new way. Exploring possibilities while I prepare for a future project. More on that later. While preparing the image for printing I learned a new method to convert my line drawings so they can easily go from paper where they are drawn to a digital version so they can be printed with a fraction of the effort I was putting into it before this. I wish I knew this before but you know the old saying, better late than never.

Then I revamped all of my packaging so everything will have a new look starting in November (just in time for the holidays). Basically I am tying up a bunch of loose ends so I can get back to work (fun really).

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