Monday, September 2, 2019

Lake McDonald Lodge in Montana

While I was inside Glacier National Park in Montana there wasn't any wifi. Only on the outskirts there was a hint of signal, just enough to maybe text... emphasis on maybe so it would be fair to say I've been out of touch for a week. To help catch up with what I was busy doing/seeing here's a tidbit:

The totem pole in front of the Lake McDonald Lodge. While I was thinking about how to best paint the lodge (there are some significant challenges with this particular site) I sketched the pole. Quite a few folks stopped to ask about the field easel bag I was using (designed by Darsie Beck and super useful!!) and then to find out what I was working on and then they asked for my business card until I completely ran out. Usually I’m invisible when I’m sketching so that was a first for me. I was busy painting when the first rain drops started to fall. I got everything packed up before the the skies opened and we had a good old fashioned thunderstorm. Watercolor and rain aren't a mix so that was the end of painting for the day but that's also why I tell folks before starting to sketch to take a picture so when stuff happens, it's not the end of the world. I often forget this valuable tidbit but this time I did remember to start with a picture so I'll still get that rock wall in even though I wasn't able to do it on site.

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