Wednesday, November 21, 2018

In the beginning...

This piece was my introduction to colored pencils 28 years ago. I always chuckle to myself when I'm asked if I'm self taught. The answer is an ambiguous no... and yes. I have a four year degree in art but colored pencil was not taught in higher education because it's a newer medium so not traditional. More often than not it's not considered a serious medium although it can be an archival quality piece if the artist takes the time to use artist quality paper and pencils. I learned a lot working on this piece and in the time in-between then and now. This drawing won three Best in Shows and was retired to my own personal collection.

"Thoughts of Home"
16" x 20"

I rarely work in just colored pencil anymore because of the time intensive nature of the medium.  I sure love it but no one wants to pay for the time it takes to make artwork with a sharpened tip of a pencil.  These days you are more likely to find me painting in watercolor.  It's still all about detail for me. That's just my thing.

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