Monday, August 27, 2018

An impromptu "Hoppy Birthday" card

I went to the store to buy a card for an upcoming birthday. As I went through them I kept thinking either the designs were awful or the saying they printed inside was not the sentiment I would want to send or both. The little voice inside my head whispered "make your own". I'd like to make it a pop up card but I need to send it out so it arrives in time. Basically I don't have time to properly engineer it to be a pop up so I'm going to settle for a stand up card. It's not what I painted this image for but why not? 

Isn't this fun?

I'm experimenting with how much to feature in the cut out portion.  I've decided the best version is one that has most of the head included (not pictured).  This is just one of the versions.  I'm loving the reactions this series evokes when folks see it for the first time.  

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