Sunday, January 28, 2018

The last page.

I went to the Portland Art Museum this morning. I drew a bronze Japanese hawk sculpture from the 1800's. Because of the restrictions in the museum I could only do the pen and ink there. I added the watercolor after I got home.

This is the last page in my journal so it's time to begin a new one.  I bought two - one is smaller, another is larger than this one.  Smaller because my sketches aren't intended to be permanent works of art so smaller/quicker is better.  Larger because some of these have actually turned out to where they should be matted and framed so I should give myself the opportunity to develop the images more.  
I'm split on which to use.  Regardless I have the hardest time cutting bound journals apart so what's the point really.  Obviously I have unresolved issues.  Fortunately my unresolved issues aren't anything critical in the big picture.  I'll eventually figure it out.  Until then I'll enjoy the journey, whichever way it takes me.  

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