Sunday, June 4, 2017

It's kind of hard to see these but they are my notes on the newels at Timberline in order going up the stairs from the ground up. I spent Sunday afternoon going up and down the staircases to make sure I had them in order and properly identified. 

Two of the newels are so worn I've had problems trying to figure out what animal they were. As luck would have it one of the rangers had an out of print book that listed them. Unfortunately there weren't pictures of each newel back in the day but at least now I have a list of what they were. One I had guessed was a mole but I questioned who would take the time to carve a newel of a rodent? Well, apparently someone did.  It is a mole. 

I also measured all of them. It may very well be just interesting trivia I never use but I thought the difference of dimensions between each newel was fascinating.

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