Monday, December 26, 2016

Thoughts on the Timberline project and the future

With mixed emotions I can say they are all done now.  For months I've wanted to see them finished but this also marks the end of the experience.  I know I've been commenting how much fun it was to work on these drawings.  It really was.  I hope folks enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them.  They have been scanned and prepared for print.  I'm now waiting for the proof to come back to make sure I didn't overlook anything before it goes to print.  

When I was doing market research for this project I joined a coloring book group in Portland to see who colors, why they color, what do they choose to work on and what they work with (pencils, markers, crayons, etc.).  It was really interesting.  I asked them to look at my rough drafts to see if there would be interest in such a topic.  They loved it!  While I really enjoyed drawing the newels in the lodge I was expecting they would prefer scenes around the lodge and I would probably have to replace the newel drawings.  To my surprise they suggested I do a dedicated coloring book to just the newels.  I've been thinking about it as I've worked on this set of drawings.  There are twelve of these unique newels in the lodge. The only problem with the idea is there is one I have yet to figure out what animal it is because over the years it's been worn down by use to the point of unrecognizable.  So far none of the rangers up there know what it was and neither does the staff at the lodge. I have some homework to do. 

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